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Ties: Versatile Accessories That Can Make An Outfit Formal Or Casual

Ties – Neck Or Bow, Helping Create A Formal Statement Out Of Your Outfit

Ties are often the symbol of formal wear. This is especially true if one is wearing a bowtie, which is often worn during gala nights. As for neckties, these silky accessories are frequently worn in corporate settings or, if the material and print are fine, during formal events as well.

But of course, neckties and bowties alone don’t make an outfit formal, they only add to it. You still need to wear the right suit and shirt before accessories can finalize the formal effect of your whole ensemble. Imagine wearing a necktie or a bowtie on a t-shirt or a short-sleeved polo shirt with jeans. You may score one for creativity, but your outfit is nowhere near formal, which brings to the next point.

Ties As Fun Accessories For Your Casual Wear

Bowties and neckties made from fine silk materials that have solid color or subtle prints are best for formal wear. That is if they are also paired with the appropriate clothing. Ties were originally made for those events. However, you may notice that neckties and bowties are now worn everywhere.

You can see younger generations sporting these accessories on top of their everyday t-shirts. Even formal wear on others don’t look as prim and proper anymore, which isn’t a bad thing when it comes to fashion.

For casual wear, there is almost no rule in wearing a tie. Boys and men, as well as girls and women, wear a tie during not-so-formal parties and even just during a trip to the mall.

Mismatched colors and prints aren’t also an eyesore when it comes to laid-back fashion. In fact, there’s no need to match everything. Back in the day, when somebody wears a bowtie during a non-formal or non-corporate event, people think he is just clowning around. Now, you won’t be accused of that.

What is great about ties is that they are versatile. They may be originally intended as the male counterpart of a ball gown, but, even though they are still worn during such events, they are also worn during much casual occasions.

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