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Personalise your mug with our special silk screen, heat transfer or sublimation and digital printing. Choose from a wide range of designs, sizes, materials, colours, etc. Excellent for company’s function door gift or farewell gifts.The mug never goes out of fashion as a corporate gift. It’s a winner time and time again seeing your clients will use it several times daily. Just make sure it is something they will like and you are on a winning marketing streak keeping you in the front of your clients mind daily – very powerful! We have a variety of styles to suit you and your prospects needs. We can of course custom print them to gain the effect you require. Also remember that display mug sets are also a winner, holding a prize position on your clients office shelf where they will stay for years. Unlike mugs for daily use, display mugs last longer because they do not get broken seeing they are not being used. Also remember that these days when you think mug don’t just think of the old style pottery mug. With people being on the move insulated mugs are very popular – especially if they fit into car coffee cup holders properly.

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug – Bi Colour
Ceramic Mug – Spoon Lid
TPG Ceramic Mug – Full Colour (heat transfer printing)
TPG Ceramic Mug – Full Colour Top (heat transfer printing)
TPG Ceramic Mug – 12oz (sublimation and digital printing)
TPG Ceramic Mug – Slim (heat transfer printing)
TPG Ceramic Mug -11oz Blue
TPG Ceramic Mug -11oz Green
TPG Ceramic Mug -11oz Pink
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