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Vest Gives Your Wardrobe A Classy Makeover

Vest Jackets: A Functional Extra In Our Wardrobe

A vest is like an extra set of pockets that we put on top of our regular clothes. We often see it worn by fishing enthusiasts and hunters who need immediate access to their pockets for their fishing and hunting paraphernalia. By using vests rather than bags, they have quicker access to their accessories without the need to carry bags.

For countries with winter climate, pocket-less vests are more in trend. They give extra warmth to the wearer, protecting their chest and back from extreme cold.

Indeed, this article of clothing, whether as an undershirt or as a jacket, is a functional piece of clothing that we can probably do without, but would rather have on. However, there are times that vests don’t have any obvious functional purposes other than for fashion.

The Vest Fashion

Granted, there are also vests that are not used for storage-keeping purposes or for protection from cold and other elements. Sometimes, they are just used for fashion.

Would a tuxedo look as dashing without its vest? Probably, but that piece of clothing adds to the overall effect of the suit. The same goes for office attire. Vests are probably not needed, but they give volume and add an effect to the corporate image of the wearer.

Even casual clothes look smart with vests. They make a seemingly ordinary t-shirt and jeans pair into a respectable ensemble. Take for example someone in casual jeans and shirt. He or she would look fine if the destination is just a park or a mall. But add the vest into his or her outfit, that person could pass up as someone who can do business like research and interview.

Vests likewise make uniforms seem formal. They are worn by almost every level and profession, including students, bank tellers, waiters, and even service attendants. They make their uniform look crisp, classy, and serious. They make the whole ensemble look ready for business.

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