Sublimation and Digital Printing

Sublimation Printing Services

We also provide full colour sublimation printing services. Our rate is one of the cheapest and best printing quality in the Singapore market. Our lead time on sublimation print can be as fast as 3 working days. Call Johnny Low at 91732628 hp or email for a friendly discussion and instant quotation (Nett, No GST). All enquiry are welcome.

Sublimation Printing Techniques

Digital sublimation process is commonly used for decorating apparel, towels and mugs.

In sublimation printing, digital design is printed onto sublimation transfer sheets using liquid gel ink and placed on a heat press along with the substrate to be sublimated. Heat press process (350F) is required to transfer sublimation dyes at the molecular level from the image on the paper to the substrate, using a combination of time, temperate and pressure.

Sublimation process is a nearly permanent, high resolution, full color print as dyes are infused into the substrate at the molecular level. The prints will not crack, fade or peel from the substrate under normal conditions.

Sublimation Printing Samples

Drawstring Bag – Sublimation and Digital Printing
TPG Hand Towel – Microfiber Closeup
Sublimation Full Colour Print Towel
Sublimation Mug
Sublimation and Digital printing
Sublimation Mug
Sublimation and Digital printing
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