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Singapore Bonsai

Singapore Bonsai: At The Heart Of The Garden City

Singapore bonsai is famed all over the world. Along with orchids and rare species of flowers, bonsai is at the centre stage of Singapore being The Garden City, a title which this small island-state takes pride in and continues to live up to today.

Bonsai enthusiasts also have the opportunity to showcase their small wonders through the annual Singapore Garden Festival happening mid July. The event is the world’s first and only gathering of various luminaries in the world of gardening, bonsai art, and stone art, among others. This is also the biggest international horticultural festival which brings together top-class and award-winning garden designers from all over the world.

Despite being a small country of skyscrapers, modernity, and cosmopolitan living, Singapore has dedicated itself to being green. Lush forests and park can be found, and Singapore bonsai is appreciated as among the world’s finest bonsai art. In fact, bonsai is among the features of the Japanese Gardens, which is bigger than any garden in Japan. With bonsai are a water elements, trellises, stone arts, and Zen Buddhism inspired art which make the garden indeed a bit of heaven on earth.

Homes, offices, and business establishments feature Singapore bonsai as their centerpiece in the reception area, meeting room, the living room and other areas which are high-traffic. A bonsai placed in such areas bids a sense of serenity and life to an otherwise hectic day. For this reason, bonsai is among a favourite goodwill gift for homes and businesses as well. In fact, Bonsai can be cultivated to form Chinese characters that express congratulatory wishes and invite positivity. The cultivation requires utmost expertise and care so as not to hurt the bended and twisted branches and roots of the plant. For this reason, only bonsai experts handle the job. And with bonsai, experts who are devoted to the craft have had over 35 years of experience.

Surely, it takes expertise, talent, and devotion to come up with superb creations like the Singapore bonsai.

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