Landyard Singapore

A lanyard is simply a device that allows you to secure something to your person so that you have easy access to it such as an identity card or event name tag. A lanyard of course can be worn around the neck (most common), arm, waist or wrist.

Most lanyard’s are normally made out of a cord; nylon, cotton, or polyester twill. Some different lanyards are made out of fleece, PVC, satin, denim or even leather.

There are a few options to attach your item to the lanyard. These include alligator or bulldog clips, swivel hooks (metal or plastic), spring hooks or split rings.

There are so many people that use a lanyard these days. Lanyards have become very popular these days. It?s possible as you walk down the street to often be able to say ‘hi’ to so many people if you want and call them by their first name because they are wearing their work identity cards around their necks with their names clearly showing. They become welded almost to their body!

A plastic badge holder is frequently used to protect the badge from wear and tear. Most companies that sell lanyards will also sell you all the accessories too such as badge holders and other attachment hardware. If you have security passes one thing you might want to buy for your lanyard is a retractable badge reel. This chord allows the user to scan their card without having to remove the lanyard. When done the cards retract to close to their pocket so that it is not swinging around their necks annoyingly. These types of lanyards are very useful in a work environment where there is moving machinery. They are less likely to cause an accident with a lanyard chord becoming entangled in moving machinery. You can get lanyards with built in plastic safety breakaways should this be needed.

lanyard are great for advertising purposes of course. By having it custom printed with a company logo, slogan, or name it will double for a name tag and advertising tag.

You can print on lanyards. The flat ones made out of polyester twill, nylon, or cotton has the necessary flat surface area and the right printable material. It is possible to use three different printing techniques: dye sublimation, hot stamping and screen-printing. Hot stamping is the cheapest normally seeing it only uses one color. This is suitable for badges used by students or at trade shows. Screen-printing uses colored ink. It also produces a higher quality and longer lasting image should you need a more durable and better quality finish. Dye sublimation produces the most detailed and longest lasting image. However it’s also the most expensive technique.

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